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15 July 2007 – this site is rededicated to the memory of Milkayŋu Munuŋgurr, who influenced many of us and was such a big part of this site’s development. May you find peace.

text, transcriptions, video recording and editing by Randin Graves

Dutch translation by Paul van der Lubbe and Michiel Teijgeler

a production of Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre

as part of a master’s thesis in Yolngu Studies at Charles Darwin University

research supported by a fellowship from the Australian-American Fulbright Commission

original design, tongue diagrams and assistance by Brandi Chase

2017 redesign by David Yates, with additional thanks to Christophe Versieux

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transcription and translation of Djalu’s statements by Randin Graves, Waymamba Gaykamaŋu and Dhäŋgal Gurruwiwi

Recordings of Waymamba Gaykamaŋu in the phoneme chart and text in the Who are the Yolŋu? and Yolŋu Rom sections borrow from Charles Darwin University’s Yolŋu Studies materials. Used with permission.

audio recording and editing by Randin Graves except the song “Bärra'” excerpted from the CD ‘Gawurr Manikay’ DIN012 published 2005 by Dinkum Music. Used with permission.

photos by Randin Graves except:
Who are the Yolŋu? Djalu’ Gurruwiwi at Gikal, Djalu’ profile, Ŋoŋu and Maḻŋay portraits by Tetsuji Ueno; Burrŋupurrŋu, Badikupa and Mulkun portraits by Jeremy Cloake
Djalu’s Gurruwiwi’s Introduction Djalu’ portrait by Tetsuji Ueno, manipulated by Randin Graves
How is a yidaki made page 1 forest and Mirarra portraits by Tetsuji Ueno; first two images of Datjirri and all images of Gurraramawuy, Mirrwatŋa and Ŋoŋu by Jeremy Cloake; four images of Datjirri and his peeled tree by Justin Yasgoor
How is a yidaki made page 2 photos of Mirarra and Yomunu by Tetsuji Ueno; photos of Datjirri by Justin Yasgoor
Playing the Didjeridu – The Drone Marritjŋu photo by Tetsuji Ueno; Mirrwatŋa by Jeremy Cloake
Yolŋu Rom – Yothu-Yindi images of Djalu’, Witiyana and Yirryirrŋu by Tetsuji Ueno
Yidaki and the Moieties – Yothu-Yindi and Yidaki Crafting Burrŋupurrŋu portrait by Jeremy Cloake
Yolŋu Rom – Special Yidaki and their Stories Yidaki Forum images by Damian
Yolŋu Rom – Stories about Yidaki – Djuŋgirriny’ photo of Mithinarri yidaki from his collection by Guan Lim
Yolŋu Rom – Stories about Yidaki – Dhadalal Gawirrin photo by Damian
Yidaki Issues – How do Yolŋu feel about others teaching didjeridu? Ŋoŋu photo by Tetsuji Ueno
Concluding Statements Djalu’ portrait by Tetsuji Ueno; sunset over Nuwul by Robert Graves

Thanks to all the Yolŋu who contributed, even if they do not appear on this site: Djalu’ Gurruwiwi, Gawirrin Gumana, Bawurr Munyarryun, Galarrwuy Yunupiŋu, Burrŋupurrŋu Wunuŋmurra, Djambawa Marawili, Buwathay Munyarryun, Datjirri Wunuŋmurra, Wukun Wanambi, Badikupa Gurruwiwi, Dhukal Wirrpanda, Miniyawany Yunupiŋu, Don Murray Dhakaliny Burarrwaŋa, Djakapurra Munyarryun, Mirrwatŋa Munyarryun, Gurraramawuy Munyarryun, Yaŋarryaŋarr Munyarryun, Ŋoŋu Ganambarr, Gunybi Ganambarr, Mirarra Burarrwaŋa, Marritjŋu Gurruwiwi, Barayuwa Munuŋgurr, Witiyana Marika, Winiwini Gurruwiwi, Watjuku Gurruwiwi, Yarrŋu Gondarra, Lirrpiritj Gondarra, Banduk Marika, Merrkiyawuy Ganambarr, Milminyina Dhamarrandji, and last but not by any means least, Dhäŋgal Gurruwiwi, not to mention the few I may have forgotten on the way, or whom I learned from along the way outside the guise of this project, and also to all the Yolŋu ancestors who set down and passed down the knowledge.

Thanks to friends/supporters/teachers/contributors: Will Stubbs of Buku-Ḻarrŋgay Mulka Centre, Jeremy Cloake, Tetsuji Ueno of Dinkum Aussie Club, Guan Lim of iDidj Australia, Justin Yasgoor, Damian, Peter Lister, Waymamba Gaykamaŋu and Betty Gurruwiwi, lecturers at CDU, and supervisor Dr. Michael Christie.