Stories about Yiḏaki – Gularri

This is not about a specific type of yidaki, but is an interesting story and perspective to share about the meaning of yidaki for one clan, from Buwathay Munyarryun, a senior man of the Wangurri clan who lives at their main homeland of Dhalinybuy. When asked about the meaning of yidaki for him and his clan (by Ŋoŋu Ganambarr in a Yolŋu language, in the video clip linked to the right), he compared both the yidaki playing and singing of their clan to the sound of the rushing waters, particularly at the site of a sacred rock, along the river called Gularri which runs past Dhalinybuy.

Sometimes miny’tji, or sacred design, of Gularri is painted on yiḏaki from Dhalinybuy, along with animals found there who are important to Wangurri people. This is the case of the yidaki by Buwathay’s younger brother Mirrwatŋa, which appears below and elsewhere on this website. On the side pictured is Gomulu the heron with miny’tji, or clan design, for Gularri on his body. On the other side is a similarly decorated Nyuŋula, or oxe-eye herring.