Yiḏaki Issues: Introduction

Yolŋu know that the didjeridu has spread far beyond its origins and is being used in very different contexts. Some have seen this and understand it, while to others it is a strange idea. Some Yolŋu are concerned that the instrument and its origins are not being properly respected, as stated in the 1999 Garma Yidaki Statement.

On the other side, many didjeridu players around the world want to be as respectful as possible to those who originated the instrument, but don’t have much to go on other than their own instincts and bits of information from those who have visited with Yolŋu.

This section of this website attempts to deal with this by providing commentary and first hand statements from Yolŋu in their own voice about common questions and possible controversies in regard to use of the didjeridu outside of its origins. The views expressed here do not represent all Aboriginal People, or even all Yolŋu people, but those interviewed do provide a good sampling of local opinion in the Miwatj and Laynha areas.