How to Play: Conclusion

Maybe it’s not possible to really learn Yolŋu yidaki playing without learning from Yolŋu in person, but hopefully this has helped you with a basic understanding and piqued your interest to try and learn more!

Many sound clips in this section come from the CD Hard Tongue Didgeridoo by Milkayŋu Munuŋgurr, which was prepared to help you learn the Yolŋu yidaki playing style from the very basics. If you do want to pursue Yolŋu playing, we recommend this as an official source of this information, presented by a respected Yolŋu player, rather than learning from any other sources. Djalu’s instructional CD’s will take you further. There is information about these and other recordings in the Appendices of this website.

Of course, it is most recommended to come and learn from Yolŋu in person, or to attend workshops with Yolŋu whenever they travel. Here are a few great players who traveled and/or taught outsiders in Arnhem Land back at the time of this website’s original work. Sadly, both Milkayŋu and Mirrwatŋa have sadly passed away, but there are many Yolŋu who learned from them who could teach you.

Examples of Yolŋu Players

Djalu’ Gurruwiwi

Milkayŋu Munuŋgurr



Djakapurra Munyarryun

Mirrwatŋa Munyarryun

Larry Winiwini




Mizak Babamiku Gurruwiwi