Yidaki of the Month #1, July 2017: The First Yiḏaki I Ever Saw

People often ask me about the yiḏaki in my collection. Therefore, I bring you the first YiḏakiStory vlog and the first in a new series: Yiḏaki of the Month.


Made circa 1992 by Djakanŋu Yunupiŋu, best known to worldwide yiḏaki players and fans of Yolŋu culture as sister to Mandawuy Yunupiŋu and wife of Baḏikupa Gurruwiwi, Djalu’s father’s younger brother. Deep and warm C#. First owned by the late Mike LeBien, a dear friend and co-founder of my label Ginger Root Records.

Future editions of Yiḏaki of the Month will feature footage of Yolŋu players on the instrument when I have it.

I will record in my studio in the future. I tried to go the easy way and film in my live-sounding living room with an iPad, but clearly I need to capture the sound better. Next time!

4 Replies to “Yidaki of the Month #1, July 2017: The First Yiḏaki I Ever Saw”

  1. Hi Randin – Really enjoyed the video and looking forward to more. I had a little difficulty with the audio on my Android. Even with full volume and ear buds I couldn’t make out everything you said. The yidaki sounded fine. Maybe if you used a mic? Or maybe it’s my phone and/or my hearing. Is the plural of yidaki…yidaki?

    1. Ah, I was hoping I could get away without doing a fancy production, but I shall improve it in the future.
      Yeah, using “yiḏaki” as plural is the best way to go. Anglicizing it by adding an ‘s’ just feels weird to me!

  2. You’ve got material for 2-3 years of posts!
    Are you going to continue with chronological order? It’s neat to hear about your journey to yidaki mastery.

    1. Hmm. I was going to do a couple of the more interesting ones that I have video of Yolŋu playing first, but I’ll stare at the instruments and see if chronological would work.

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