Deutsch Dhäwu Translation Up

I just thought I’d celebrate the launch of the German translation of the Yiḏakiwuy Dhäwu, thanks to Ansgar Stein & team. Here it is:

That brings us to six languages, translated by teams around the world. I’m so grateful for this support and belief in this project. You can access any of the languages at any time from the bottom of the menu or any page of the Dhäwu. Their front pages are all linked from here:

Yiḏakiwuy Dhäwu Miwatjŋurunydja – The Ultimate Didgeridoo-Yidaki-Didjeridu-Yirdaki Info Website

Thanks again to everyone involved. Please spread the word!

2 Replies to “Deutsch Dhäwu Translation Up”

  1. Bitte schön! (one of about 6 German phrases I know)
    De Nada!
    … and that’s all Ive got. There really isn’t a Yolŋu version I’m aware of.

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